The Beauty of Death Valley

Death Valley is one of those tremendously beautiful destinations not many people put on their bucket lists. We mostly plan to visit the exotic destinations of the world, or the ancient cities of Europe, or we plan a vacation where there is sand, sea and waves, bThe Beauty of Death Valleyut a desert? not really.

I discovered that Death Valley is not just a vast expanse of desert sand stretching out mile after mile, it's an enormous conservation area in California, covering more than 5 000 square miles. I was totally amazed at the diversity of Death Valley National Park. I think what struck me most was the varied hues of the sand and rock formations. Some of the colors have yet to be named – and then there's varied shades of that color to add to the beauty.

I think the silence is what's so astounding, you can literally stand and "listen" to it, if you can stand in the heat long enough!  It's hot, very hot! and makes one realize that no one could ever tame this desert region; it will always belong to the elements.


Plan a trip there and let us know what you think of Death Valley as a vacation destination.


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