Old Fashioned Herbal Remedies Still Relevant today

It's amazing how the old herbal remedies have been used for decades in many cases for centuries to soothe and heal ailments of peopleOld Fashioned Herbal Remedies Still Relevant Today who had no access to medical help of any kind. Even in modern times when doctors have cures for most diseases there are still many people who prefer to stick to herbal remedies. It makes one realize how effective Mother Nature is.

Herbs are interesting to cultivate and if you have the space in your garden, keep a small patch aside to plant a few of your favorite ones. They're not only for medicinal use, any good chef will tell you the value of having fresh herbs in the kitchen garden. Most of us have a special favorite – a herb that we particularly enjoy cooking with or one that we know we can rely on when a member of the household gets a tummy bug or a migraine. It would be great to hear from you if you would like to share your experiences with herbs with us.

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