Hobbies for Retirees

I would love to hear your views about retirees having hobbies – is it a good thing or is it overrated? I tend to think that busy people are mostly happy people regardless of their age. Being able to pass the time of day pleasurably instead of entertaining boredom is a far better option. Hobbies For RetireesHobbies are a wonderful way of meeting new friends who have the same interests as it brings a new dimension into one’s life.

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to begin a hobby that you really enjoy while you are middle aged then you will have something to look forward to doing once you have retired. I’m thinking of arts and crafts like model-building, painting, beadwork, or anything else that takes your fancy. Sport is also very nice like fishing, tennis and so on. I am actually making myself look forward to retiring!

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