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Needlework And Crafts


Embroider On Printed Fabrics

Embroider on printed fabrics with basic embroidery stitches to enhance the design by adding texture and embellishments to it. The embroidery can also be used to define the outlines of motifs and colors can be subtly darkened or lightened in certain spots to better suit your color choices. This typeRead More …

Recycled Denim Crazy Patchwork Quilt

Recycling clothing has become an accepted thing to do, so we no longer discard garments and trash them like we used to do; instead we find new ways of using the good parts of the fabric. Worn denim jeans are most likely the most popular recycled garments on the planet.Read More …

Hobbies for Retirees

I would love to hear your views about retirees having hobbies – is it a good thing or is it overrated? I tend to think that busy people are mostly happy people regardless of their age. Being able to pass the time of day pleasurably instead of entertaining boredom isRead More …

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